About Us

As a company, our core values of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation hold as true today, as they did nearly 30 years ago when we first opened our doors. Those values determine how we work, the quality we offer, and the unsurpassed treatment you receive as clients, investors, and employees.

Time To Focus On You or your Business

We believe accounting doesn’t need to be complicated. So whether you’re a company start-up, an established business, or an individual that needs personal tax and accounting advice, we’re here to help and advise you.

We’re passionate about helping our clients with their tax matters; for us, it’s not about the money but the level of service, and that’s why we ensure that every client, no matter what size or the fee being charged, receives the very best advice.

By sharing our knowledge, offering support and training, we can ensure that you make the right financial decisions and your accounts are filed on time. Leaving you to focus on running your business or getting on with the finer things in life.

Our Beliefs

Here at Taxpoint Accounting, our business ethos is built on four key pillars, and they include;


Our doors are open to all businesses and individuals; it's the diversity of our clients that makes us better at what we do.


We believe that solid business relationships are founded on honest and transparent practices.


Our innovative and ever-evolving approach to problem-solving yields results and continually sets us apart from our competitors.


Relevant and precise communication enriches our client relationships and helps us build a better business.

Our Team

Claudia Haddad

Managing director and principal accountant here at Taxpoint Accounting, Claudia arrived in Australia in 2004 with her husband and young family from her home in Argentina.

Claudia is so much more than a specialist Tax Accountant, known for her love of Cumbia dancing and her dog ‘Chico’ (Little Boy), who has been her protector and part of the family for over 11 years. She enjoys a great sense of humour and believes in living life to the full. She also has a passion for food, including chocolate, and enjoys nothing more than spending time serving up delicious food to her family and friends.

However, her biggest passion is helping people and building lasting relationships, including her clients and those in Academia and various Government Agencies. This can best be demonstrated by the fact that she was president of the IPA Victoria Division for six years, her membership in ATO and her active participation in various specialist Tax discussion groups.

Karina Giselle Duk

My inspiration to study Accounting comes from my Dad’s desire to have a professional accountant in the family to help him grow his business in Argentina. As soon as I finished high school, he allowed me to work with and for him, providing me with the means and encouragement to further my passion for numbers and start my career.

Years later, my husband and I decided to change the course of our lives by coming to Australia. We started a new life here in this beautiful and blessed country with so many dreams and challenges. After three hard years of study, I finished my degree in Accounting at Swinburne University.

My philosophy as a professional is to become an expert in the field, provide the highest quality and most importantly, build ethical relationships with clients and with my colleagues.